F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions



Can I modify an order?

Once the order has been sent, it is no longer possible to change it.
If the order has not yet been shipped, feel free to Contact Us to ask for the cancellation of your order.

Can I pre-order the items?

No, you can't.
However, in the future it will be possible to preorder some articles that will be explicitly indicated as such; these are some previewed products. Usually, we accept orders only for items already available in stock at the time of purchase.

What to do if the credit/debit card is refused while sending an order?

Verify that the data entered on the checkout page is correct. If the card is still rejected, try using another card. Alternatively, contact PayPal directly to request more detailed information. In this case, our Customer Service can not assist you in any way.



Do you offer gift packs?

No, we do not currently have any gift packages. If you tell us that the order is a gift, we will cover the prices and we will not send the paper sales document inside the package. The document will be sent only electronically to the e-mail address of the customer who made the online purchase.



Do I have to pay shipping costs for each item ordered?

Shipping fees are calculated on the total order and are clearly visible before concluding the purchase procedure. We require the CAP to make any shipping estimates if the destination is in remote areas and/or smaller islands.
Shipping Methods are available here.
For non-EU destinations, the costs for the export of the order (customs and any other charges) are charged to you and can not be evaluated in any way before the purchase by our Customer Service, because they vary for each Country. We advise you to contact the Customs Office of the destination country for more information.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Absolutely yes! It's the beauty and strength of the Internet! Read the paragraphs regarding extra-EU export expenses and returns policy carefully.



Can I return items to a store?

Yes. Our stores are based in Italy, inside the Lazio region and you can find them clicking here.
You must provide proof of purchase, such as an invoice or sales document. In the store, you can also change the item with any product available at that time in the store (or request a gift voucher that can be used only in one of our non-online stores). As soon as you have returned the items we will refund the amount due on the card used for the purchase.
In no case, the store will return your cash. The refund procedure will take place exclusively electronically.

How long will I be refunded for a return?

Once we receive the returned items, we begin the necessary quality checks on the status of the returned items and we usually make the refund within five business days.

If I return all the items in the order, will I still have to pay the shipping costs?

If you deliver the package to the courier within 14 days (including holidays) from the date you received the order, we will also refund the shipping fees that you paid at the time of purchase (if you're returning partially - f.e.: one item returned after an order of three - shipment fees won't be refunded.
If you deliver the package to the courier from the 15th day to the 30th day (including holidays) from the date you received the order, we will only refund you the costs of the item(s) returned.
For returns from non-EU countries, the return fees are charged to the customer. We will pay the Italian Custom for the comeback.
We will not accept returns if you deliver the package to the courier from the 40th day (including holidays) after receiving the order.



To whom should I make a complaint?

If the complaint concerns a product purchased from our stores, contact the store using the phone numbers available on our site.
If the complaint concerns an online purchase, call a customer service operator at 0039-0773-470766 (only in English language) or fill out the form available on Contact Us, specifying the order number.

What to do if the product breaks during the warranty period?

If the products are under warranty, the sales document and the courier delivery document represent proof of purchase. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions to report any problems during the warranty period. If you can not contact the manufacturer, you can contact our Customer Service for assistance.



Do you offer discounts for large-volume business customers?

We do not make discounts or personalized promotions. Prices and promotions are those visible online at the time of purchase.